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MC Oliver Twist - Malawi [Single] (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Originally hailing from Portsmouth and presently residing in Peterborough, MC Oliver Twist has been in the game for a staggering 25 years in various capacities. With 2020 drawing towards it's long overdue climax, he's now gearing up towards a full length solo album in 2021.

The first single from his forthcoming album - "Malawi" is produced by Skasei who has laced him with head nodding, contagious Boom Bap beat with a choppy vocal sample and a really catchy piano riff which suits the emcee's voice and choice of subject matter. This is an exceptionally heartwarming, self-reflective trip down memory lane where the emcee details his earlier years, most notably those he spent in South Eastern Africa. The place where he took his first steps into multiculturalism, soaking up traditional African music and social culture.

I really like the fluidity of his flow on this as it skips and jumps from a more traditional Hip Hop style to a more acrobatic vocal delivery to match elements within the beat. I'm a big fan of his storytelling capabilities here and found myself lost in the warm glow of nostalgia.

Check it out here:

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