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Micall Parknsun - Back in Business EP (Review)

As well as being almost every emcee's favourite AKAI wielding uncle - Micall Parknsun is without a doubt one of the most prolific artists in the scene and for anyone who follows him on the socials it seems like not a day goes by without him posting beats for sale or promoting a project he's featured on. He's been active for a very long time and it's criminal how little his name gets mentioned when people are debating their favourite artists from the UK.

Guest Features:

Production by:

Micall Parknsun

Jazz T

Dr. Zygote

This is pure and undiluted, raw Hip Hop. Parky sounds as hungry as a younger throughout as he attacks the beats with skill that only a master could wield while he blurs the line between where the beat ends and the vocals start while he manoeuvres his words into every available nook and cranny on the tracks. As for the guest vocal feature - Napoleon Da Legend and Parky have collaborated a few times in the past and their chemistry together is perfectly sound. These two work brilliantly together and the contrast in their styles and intonation play off one another to create a really solid, organic sounding pairing and one which I'm chomping at the bit to hear more of in the future.

Production wise, this is what fans of Micall Parknsun have come to expect every time he blesses us with a project: Sonically solid, finely chopped and diced samples over heavy, thudding drums - the essence of real Hip Hip and something which all the involved producers are renowned for creating makes this a perfect combination and a fantastic addition to the Boot Records discography.

His diligence is envious, his craftsmanship is unmatched and his ability to keep going and remain relevant in an ever changing scene is a phenomenal achievement for any artist, especially a veteran in an age where consumers attention spans are only as long as the tracks themselves. As with all proper EP's this comes with the instrumentals on the flip side.

This is essential listening for real Hip Hop heads...

Check it out on Ltd Edition 12" or cop the digital on Boot Records


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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