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Mick Swagger x Pri-D - Stock Market EP (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

9/10 rappers on major label's don't want you to hear this one.....

As 2020 begins to wind down, the UKHH scene itself shows no inclination of doing so and adding to the unyielding onslaught is the new EP by Mick Swagger & Pri-D - Stock Market

Guest features:



The pair show great chemistry together as they absolutely spaz out over Mick's ensemble of simplistically solid slices of boom bap. Unsurprisingly, their style's blend together effortlessly and the guests add just enough variation to the project to keep your ears fresh.

I'm a bit gutted that it's only 4 tracks deep as I could listen to this pair all day hopefully there's an LP in the works, this is a great little EP from Mick Swagger & Pri-D don't let this one slip under your radar in favour of releases from bigger brands.

This lot have got bars for days, grab it now before their stock prices rise.

Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

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