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Montener the Menace - Anyone Home? (Review)

(Certain Sound Records)

Montener the Menace is back with the follow-up to 2020's "I Have a Hidden Hobby" on Certain Sound Records.

Guest Features:

Masta Ace

Rah Digga



Craig G


Guilty Simpson

Micall Parknsun

El Da Sensei

Dixie Daye


Strange Neighbour

Cracker Jon

Jay Purpose


Keith Murray

Production and Cuts:


Jack Cliff

Wounded Buffalo Beats

Hank Venture


JL Beats

Plastic the Funky Mulatto

Lax the Monk



Recommended Tracks:

We Need To Talk About Kevin

High Noon

Dog Food

I Can't Resist Hearing

Feed The Foxes

Anyone Home? packs in so much star power it's almost hard to believe that this album was self-funded and completed prior to being picked up by the label and with that in mind you can really begin to appreciate how much love and dedication Montener has for Hip Hop culture. The project really does feel like a proper album and not just a collection of tracks and collaborations spanning a few years. On a personal note, it almost feels like Montener has made a dream come true in a sense - As a kid, who didn't dream of being a rapper/producer and collaborating with their favourite artists?

Montener has a great ear for beats and each cut he's picked has the potential to serve as a standalone single while also fitting in snugly with the overall vibe of the album. Lyrically the album is on point too showcasing a seamless blend of Homegrown Hip Hop and styles from across the Atlantic that can boast an array of world-class guest features at their absolute best and despite the star-power included Montener never sounds out of his depth as he starts to sound and feel like an artist approaching his prime and hitting his peak. The content is delivered almost perfectly as his confidence and mic presence seems to have soared since his previous effort and it's packed full of humour, knowledge, understanding, love and a sincere passion for what he does.

My only little criticism is the lack of solo tracks included on the album and while this doesn't make a massive difference to the overall experience and level of entertainment offered, some of my personal favourites are Montener solo tracks.

Rumour has it that this could be his final release and if that is the case this project would be a perfect curtain call...However, let's hope this is not the case.

Huge release, Highly recommended...

There is something on the album for ever fan of Hip Hop, whether you want comedic bars, emotional bars, concepts tracks

7" Vinyl for High Noon B/W The Struggle are available to purchase now and pre-orders for Anyone Home? on CD, Limited Edition Black or White Vinyl from Certain Sound Records can be purchased HERE


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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