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Omus One - Kangeroo Palace EP (Review)

(Hellfire Corner Records - January 3rd 2020)

Back in January, amidst unprecedented levels of uncertainty, public panic, scaremongering by the media and the threat of a national lockdown looming over us, Folkestone's adopted son Omus One dropped his latest EP via his Hellfire Corner Records imprint which is fully produced by Brighton based riddim heavyweight, King Bracket.

Guest Features:

Joe Burn

Recommended Tracks:

Dirt Bag


Sumo Style


1.Rabbit Hole

2.Dirt Bag Prod. King Bracket

3.Water Prod. King Bracket

4.Sumo Style Prod

5.Kangeroo Palace

6.Rocking Horse Shiit

Omus' high octane, scattered delivery is a great contrast to the slow, brooding beats supplied by King Bracket, he sounds like an artist at the end of his tether, someone all out of fucks to give as he viciously attacks the beats with blow after blow like a cornered animal.

What stands out and makes this special is that both the beats and delivery tread the line between Hip Hop/Grime so precariously it's almost hard to categorise as one or the other.

It's dark and brooding, aggressive and threatening - It's almost quite prophetic in tone when you look back on it.

I can't wait to hear more from Omus One and the Hellfire Corner Records team as we slowly creep into 2021...Don't let this one go unnoticed...

The EP will be on released streaming platforms soon so in the meantime grab the digital here

Stay locked into Hellfire Corner for more releases here

Shout out to Omus One & Amanda.

RIP Filth Mitchell


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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