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Red Master & Ageing Rapper Vex – ‘Narcissist’

Red Master was most active in the scene from 2000 to 2006 and is best known for featuring on heavyweight UKHH releases from Disorda, Tom Caruana and more recently Wordsmiff as well as being the founding member of the Same Brain Entertainment crew alongside V.E.X, Crucifix and Slinga.

2006 saw the release of his debut album – ‘I'm Right, You're Wrong’ which was entirely produced by legendary UK producer, Beat Butcha way before he rose to fame across the Atlantic. After announcing his unexpected return in mid-2021 Red Master is set to release a trilogy of singles in preparation for his forthcoming second album ‘Unsung King’.

The latest in this trilogy of singles is ‘Narcissist’ sees Red Master kick off the proceedings over the broody, apocalyptic beat, continuing where he left off previously with ‘Don’t Anger Him’ and then shifting gears and proceeding to deliver another relentless barrage of hardcore lyricism. The single also features long time affiliate and fellow Same Brain Entertainment member - Ageing Rapper Vex on guest duties who also displays the same savage approach to Hip Hop and lyricism.

‘Narcissist’ sees the two unsung behemoths of the UKHH scene perform at such a superior level of lyrical capability and showmanship that they stand head and shoulders above their peers. The new album - “Unsung King” will be released August 13th and promises to be one of the most relentlessly hardcore, lyrical Hip Hop albums ever to come out of the UK. This is one you do not want to miss.

‘Narcissist’ will be available on June 18th and can be found below:


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