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Relentless Exquisite x Ambidextrous Slim Pinky Fingers - G.M.W.I.M (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Relentless Exquisite x Ambidextrous Slim Pinky Fingers - G.M.W.I.M

(Gold on the Mixer)

[Feb 5th 2020]

Zatoichi's Ears and Evolucian assemble like semi-sleazy boom bap superheroes as Relentless Exquisite & Ambidextrous Slim Pinky Fingers to offer up "G.M.W.I.M"

Guest features: Meticulous Perfection

Ace Yo Maverick Sugar Deluxe

Cuts by:

DJ Nexwon

Recommended tracks:





Good Morning Wein' In Mam! - Truck loads of charisma with a bag full of braggadocious, tongue in cheek bars over very slick early 90's style production handled by Relentless Exquisite. I love the innuendo and there's more humour than you can shake your weiner at. You can always tell when artists have enjoyed making a project as it has a whole different vibe oozing from it. It's far from either artists most serious body of work but they're very credible and skilled MC's who have dropped a solid project here.

Check it out!

Available now from Gold on the Mixer:

Would love a physical release for this one.

Dont forget to cop a Ltd Edition GMWIM Tshirt as well while you can!

"GOTM is the team!"

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