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Sausage Spine & Relentless Exquisite - Obviously (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

(BBP66 - August 25th 2020)

What do you get when you combine two emcee's that have more pseudonyms than Ron Jeremy has had money shots with Paisley shirts and clever, smutty raps?

Well, you get Sausage Spine & Relentless Exquisite....Obviously....

Recommended tracks:

Madison Ivy

Meana Wolf

Skin Diamond

Aria Alexander

Production by:

Zatoichi's Ears

Palmer Eldritch

Cuts by: DJ Nexwon

Zatoichi's Ears (aka Elliot Fresh aka Relentless Exquisite etc.) is quickly becoming one of my favourite up and coming producers within the UKHH scene. He shows great versatility when it comes to crate digging and has a great ear for discovering loops. Throughout his back catalogue you can hear his influences rooted deeply at the core of the production but it's always flipped in such a refreshing way that it's rarely apparent on the initial play through.

Amos (aka Sausage Spine aka Mr Frank Furter etc.) is also on great form here - Showing great mic presence as his spits his intelligent bars with precision that has you skipping backwards to make sure you've taking them in, rounded off with some killer punchlines and delivered with his trademark Lancashire twang. The pair show great chemistry together as they go back to back over some sublime production with minimal percussive assistance.

2020 has been a very productive year for UKHH and there's nothing more I love as a fan of the scene than discovering great projects from artists on labels that aren't getting all the spotlight.

Shout out to Sausage Spine, Relentless Exquisite & Boom Bap Professionals.

(Unfortunately, Paisley shirts are not included)

Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

IG- @One9Ate7

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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