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ScrapGold - Vol.2 EP (Review)

Emcee/Producer duo - ScrapGold aim to resurrect the old school mentality of groups such as Gangstarr and present it to audiences with a modern twist.

Recommended Tracks:



Whyte & Mackay

The group consists of emcee Manny Marko and my long time friend/producer MidYawn who both previously released music on MANA Records before wanting to step away from that brand for a separate release. The group are fans of more contemporary Hip Hop and this time round have decided to try something a bit outside the box in comparison to the rest of what the UK Hip Hop scene are doing, something which they have managed to do here with great success.

Scrapgold - 'Vol.2' is an uber-dope concoction of LoFi sounds and Boom Bap breaks masterfully blended together in a wonderful mind altering fashion. Manny Marko has a great mic presence who spits clearly and confidently over MidYawn's otherworldly soundscapes with the interesting and quite unique spin being the vocal distortion, effects and pitch changes which make the project stand out a mile when listening to what the rest of the scene are putting out.

Highly recommended release from emcee/producer duo, looking forward to hearing a lot more from them in the future...Make sure you go cop and show some support.

Scrap Gold 2 is available on extremely limited edition 8" vinyl from Kush Gong Records


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

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