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Sleaford Mods - Spare Ribs (Review)

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The scathing sons of Nottingham retreated to the studio for three weeks back in July to record their 6th studio album "Spare Ribs"

Guest Features:

Amy Taylor (Amyl and the Sniffers)

Billy Nomates

Recommended Tracks:

Nudge It


Mork n Mindy

I Don't Rate You

While most of the country has used the enforced downtime for a phlegmatic Netflix binge or a wander around a garden centre, impassioned front-man Jason Williamson has soaked up the apathy and discontent of a nation that's floundering in furlough schemes and proceeded to smother it with his own abhorrence for critics, former associates, industry rivals and the bumbling buffoonery of the Government. The outcome? He's gone on to piece together what is possibly his best work to date, proceeded to neatly package it up only to then unapologetically spit it in your face it in his vitriolic signature style.

The silent partner and criminally overlooked beat boffin Andrew Fearn is also showing no signs of getting stuck in a creative rut. On Spare Ribs he's unleashed a barrage of filthy, smacking drums and huge, bass throbbing beats that are stylistically diverse but when compared to their earlier releases, show a natural progression of the Sleaford's signature sound. He's more than just the beer swilling, head nodding button pusher that people make out, he's an extremely accomplished and well rounded musician as well.

To have guest features on a Sleaford Mods project is quite a rare occurrence so to have two stellar one's on the same album is a major treat. Billy Nomates & Amy Taylor add their own quirks and unique spin when performing their guest duties that offer a nice contrast to Jason's style and method of delivery. You've got to be a certain caliber of performer to stand toe to toe with Jason and Andrew on their own project and also to make it work and not sound forced, something which both guests do and do so extremely well.

Most critics would have you believe that you already know what you're in for with a Sleaford Mods album and the beautiful thing is, they're usually so, so wrong. The band sound tighter and more well-rounded with each project they release and just as you think they've found and settled into the comfort of their nice little niche, they veer into new expansive territory. Jason show's his delivery and content can be as diverse as Andrew's production as he bends words to the beats as only an emcee would and shifts his voice from ranter to rapper to spoken word poet all the way into crooner territory.

It's time the band were given their due credit, they are the most relevant and probably the most important band to come out of the UK in a generation.

Spare Ribs is out January 15th on Rough Trade and is available on CD, Digital, Cassette and a choice of Orange or Black vinyl from all good independent Record Shops or from the band's website -


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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