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Son of Noise, The Resurrection

I have to start by saying that I haven't been active on the blog for a while, but when I heard this e.p. i felt compelled to write something about it.

Son of Noise have not released a project since 1995's release of The Mighty Son Of Noise (as far as I'm aware). So this e.p. surely has come as a welcome to many old school UK hip hop fans.

I listened not knowing what to expect. Was this going to be the recognisable sound of their innovative era? Or, was the group going to tailor their style, that saw them at the top of the scene in the early 90's to a sound that is more prevalent in today's scene. Fortunately they stayed true to their roots and have released a banger of project.

Heavy hitting drums and snares with clean production and razor sharp tongue tripping lyrics thoughout. This does not disappoint.

Grab yourself a ltd edition vinyl or digital down load right here.

Words by DJ Captain Co

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