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Uncle Mic Nitro - Vincent on Horseback (Review)

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

(B-Line Recordings - Hip Hop Be Bop Records 2021)

Starting the year with an absolute nuclear blast, Uncle Mic Nitro is pulling absolutely no punches as bars get raised across the whole board for his latest project -

"Vincent on Horseback"

Guest Features:

Joe Burn

Ced Gee

Ramson Badbonez




Noah Churton


Krash Slaughta

DJ Tones



Ollie Knight

Ryan Mac


Krash Slaughta

Djar One


Uncle Mic Nitro

Micall Parknsun

Recommended Tracks:

Play Dead

Hills are Alive


New Planet Goons

South-coast spitter/producer, Uncle Mic Nitro has dropped what I can only describe as a flawless blend of filthy, dusty drum breaks that have been teleported straight from our very own "Britcore" era, unforgivingly panel beaten and welded onto a rich tapestry of loops that give a really big budget sound here. When these are added into the mix with his breathless, multisyllabic rhyme schemes and machine gun delivery, you get a hybrid style and sound that feels as though it ties together all era's of UK Hip Hop - It's old skool in ethos but progressive in delivery.

While the guest verses are abundant here and delivered by such a talented collection of artists what I am pleased to tell you is that they don't detract from the headliner or steal the show - there's just enough sprinkled throughout to compliment his style and not smother him and swallow him up, they flesh out the album in fantastic form by adding a broad spectrum of styles and accents into the melting pot.

Content-wise this ain't a mid-life crisis, this is a look into the mind and life of a talented all-rounder who's showing no signs of losing touch with the past or hiding from the future.

Essential listening...

The album will be available on vinyl from 5th Feb' via

and will also be available digitally on Bandcamp

Do yourself a favour and check out the cracking video for "Lemonade" featuring Juga-Naut & Jabbathakut

Also check out this nice little interview below where he discusses his history, influences and the latest album on the Allcity TaxiTalk Show


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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1 Comment

Shaun Dowling
Shaun Dowling
Jan 27, 2021

Great review. Looking forward to the drop

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