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Violentlyill - The Iconoclast (Review)

(Ill Records 27th November 2020)

N.I based beat-maker Violentlyill has just released his full length, all instrumental album "Iconoclast" on Ill Records. Listeners are in for an absolute treat here and for those that don't know - "an Iconoclast is a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions" this is exactly what he sets out to do on this wonderfully produced project.

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Recommended Tracks:



The Coffee Shop

Hard Times

This ain't your average beat tape bulked up then haphazardly thrown together and passed off as an actual release - A lot of hard work and time has gone into crafting this dusty Boom Bap offering. There's clear intention and a continual theme running throughout, sonically it's really diverse yet still recognisable as a product by the same producer. The beats are complex as a multitude of vocal and spoken word samples are sprinkled generously throughout the multi-layered tracks giving it a unique and appealing sound.

Check it out...

Pick up a copy of the heavyweight double vinyl here

Stream it on Spotify here

Peep the visuals:


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