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Wish Master and Hozay drop the video for their EP's title track - 'A Beautiful Mess'

On this new visual, producer Hozay jumps on the mic alongside Wish Master, and both drop some top rated bars! A haunting piano introduces Hozay, coming in strong with his verse “make a wish/I’m taking flicks with the wordplay/return like Christ on the third day”.

The track debuts the duo rallying back and forth with one another, creating a single that pushes the EP to new heights. Hozay leaves not only an impressive production across the E.P, but his feature showcases his breadth of talent. The duo have released a project that is rich with social commentary, set against a nostalgic East Coast hip-hop tone that keeps the E.P sounding gritty and authentic, all using fresh beats made without any samples. The vinyl is due for release so keep your eyes peeled! With skits lifted from the classic movie New Jack City, the project has a distinct crime-saga theme that goes hand in hand with the cinematic wordplay and beats. The EP also features Eto, one of NY's hottest rising stars as well as Bristol talent Datkid, Axel Holy and Matey Boy. 'A Beautiful Mess' delivers 6 hard hitting songs which hold their own and also show a cohesive run throughout.

Stream the EP here and watch the video below!

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