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Wordsmiff FLIP - The Grownman Showcase (Review)

Wordsmiff finally returns with the release of his 3rd solo album which has landed 15 years since his esteemed debut.

Recommended Tracks:


Devils in the Details

Love Thy Neighbour


Guest Features:

Amy True

Chester P




Omus One


Seanie T

Flow Kirton

Rap God X

Ruste Juxx


Red Master

Al the Native

Genesis Elijah

Novar FLIP


On ‘The Grownman Showcase’ we get to see Wordsmiff come full circle as he unapologetically offers an insight into his innermost thoughts and feelings by touching on subjects such as racism, redemption, grief, mental illness and becoming a parent.

The guest features are very strong and despite the numbers, don't detract from the album or feel crammed in. All the guest verses compliment the sound and style of the album and also 'Smiff himself as production comes courtesy of long-time collaborative partner Tom Caruana who provides a flawless mixture of soundscapes for Wordsmiff and the guests to deliver their bars over.

The album showcases his growth and maturity while still remaining true to his roots as a blistering emcee and serves as another solid release to add to his lengthy and often controversial history within the UK Hip Hop scene.

Absolutely guaranteed to be in your top 10 end of year lists...

The Grownman Showcase is available now on all major streaming services, CD and Pre-Order Vinyl HERE


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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