Wrappers Delight (Series1 "Sports" Review)

A short while ago I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful promo copy of these cards to review and to say I was impressed would be a massive understatement. The sets come housed in a cassette case and are hand stamped, embossed, coloured, written and have a numbered inlay - each series is extremely limited to only 100 sets.

Basically, for those who don't know - Wrappers Delight (Series 1) is a trading card set of rappers doing sports created from a team of artists that include official Garbage pail kids artists, tattoo artists, hip hop artists and other freelance creatives, included in the aforementioned list are UKHH royalty, Junior Disprol and Ben81 from IMS.

Series 1 - "Sports" contains the following:

Del The Dunky - Shane Garvey aka KidGRIMM

LL Pool J - Floydman Sumner

Grandmaster Dash - Floydman

Bat Joe - Rö García Astorga aka El Smetcho

De La Goal - Nik Castaneda aka GPKNIK

Puck D - Gary Brown aka Dusty Pixels

Slice Tee - Slippa Chervascus

Refman - Slippa Chervascus

A Tribe Called Equestrian - VonXombie

Slick Kick - Greg Treize

Leaders Of Canoe School - Greg Treize

Snooker Dogg - Greg Treize

A$AP HOCKEY - Jay O'leary aka TOOFLESS

Bushwick Billiards - TOOFLESS

KRS Hole in 1 - TOOFLESS

Swim Shady - Jeff Cox

MC Hammer Throw - Jeff Cox

UltraAthletic MCs - Matt Herbert aka Junior Disprol

Triathlondon Posse - Junior Disprol

Luge Knight - Barry Nygma

MF Spoon race - Gregory Tilson

G Rap and Polo - John Pleak

Kung Fugees - Bekki Jayne Sharp

Inline Clown Posse - Vicky Brown

2 Puck - Adam Dobrzeniecki

Humpty Dunk - Adam Dobrzeniecki

Easy Ski - Brandhen Snyder

Fun Run DMC - Almeida David aka Vasko

Queen LaFIFA - TillTheEarlyHours. com

Monie 40 Love - Ben Riordan

These are a great little collectors piece for not only Hip Hop fans but for general collectors as well - the designs are superbly done and you can feel that a lot of time, care and passion has gone into these with brilliant attention to detail and the puns used are simply hilarious. The sets have a really professional look and feel and are a great platform to showcase the artists involved, you can really tell that the sets are made by fans, for fans. The sets would look dope in a display frame in your home or studio making them a really smart gift for the Hip Hop head in your life.

You can grab Series 1 (Sports) or Series 2 (Horror) HERE and keep a close eye out for Series 3 which is coming REAL soon!

These are seriously dope, big shout out to Slippz for the Promo copy, much appreciate bro.


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for www.BoomBop.co.uk

IG- @One9Ate7

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