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Oliver Sudden - Sudden Impact [RVG030] (Review)

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Not content with having what is the most desired alias in the game, Oliver Sudden (DJ, Producer, Promoter, Emcee, Crate Digger, Fashion Icon etc.) is now slated to release his long anticipated, self-produced debut album "Sudden Impact" on the illustrious Revorg Records on November 23rd.

Guest features:

The Strange Neighbour

Gee Bag

DJ Jazz T



Dave Koor

Sus Bully


Recommended tracks:

Neon Noise

Every Step

My Old Wax


The Cronx Don has almost single handedly managed to deliver fans a great piece of work that showcases both his crate digging dexterity and artistry as an accomplished lyricist. What you hear on the album can't really be compared to what the rest of the scene are putting out at present and it's refreshing to hear a release with beats in a modern yet throwback style, full of crackling vinyl ambience and done so tastefully.

His delivery is laid back, the vocals are smooth, confident and he oozes charisma which further enhances his delivery and captivating display of storytelling on tracks such as "Decade Deep" and "Insecurities"

The guests really add to the depth of the album by providing just the right amount of variation in tone and delivery but it's the Revorg heavy hitters Gee Bag and Strange Neighbour (with what is undoubtedly the best feature verse he's dropped this year) who stand out most, it's almost like they have this supernatural chemistry whenever any of them hop on a track together.

Immensely impressive and thoroughly enjoyable album from the King of Croydon - Dusty beats, heavy bars and a just the right amount of solid guest verses to round it all off - highly recommended.

Revorg have had such a prosperous year in 2020 and it's really exciting to see them continue their unbeaten streak with another stand out release...Cronx in the buildin'

Available to pre-order on Vinyl/CD/Cassette and Digital now at

Also, check the video for lead single "Every Step" here

"If it ain't Revorg, why bother?"

Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

IG- @One9Ate7

Twitter- @One9Ate7

Facebook- One9Ate7

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