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Statue Stance - Commentating on a Massacre (Review)

(Northern Structure Records)

Approximately 7 years in the making Kings of the North-West Amos & Hooper Stax can finally celebrate the release of their collaboration album "Commentating on a Massacre" under their collective alias "Statue Stance" on Northern Structure Records.

Cuts by:

DJ P-Nutz

Recommended Tracks:

Barbwire Bunny Hop Scotch

Guilty Whispers

Abacus Gaze

Cobweb Shadows

This album has been the best part of a decade in the making with Amos' vocals being laid down back in about 2013 after being partially written in a meditative state in Cambodia.

It's a monumental achievement for an emcee to maintain their quality and diversity throughout a project as it is but to do this completely solo is just mind-blowing as Amos kicks in your teeth from the get go and continues to pummel away at your cerebral cortex, his words clawing after your thalamus and proceeding to root there. Hand on heart, Amos is one of the most consistent yet massively underrated emcee's that we have within the scene.

When it comes to the production, Hooper Stax brings an absolute onslaught of hardware-heavy, hybridised Boom Bap/LoFi system smashers to flood your ears with monolithic kicks and bone crunching snares that stick in your ears with a thick, waxy consistency and resonate long after the project has finished.

This is a lightening in a bottle moment, essential listening for 2021 that's just crying out for a vinyl release...Check it out.

Grab your copy HERE from Northern Structure Records

Check the "Commentating On A Massacre" short film and interview below:


Words by One9Ate7 - Exclusively for

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